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Diamond, Sara (2019) Addressing the imagination gap through STEAMM+D and indigenous knowledge. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116 (6). pp. 1851-1856. ISSN 0027-8424

Digranes, Ingvild and Nimkulrat, Nithikul and Rissanen, Timo and Stenersen, Arnhild Liene and Gao, Bo (2019) Track 6.a Introduction: Materiality in the digital age. Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management, 2 (1). pp. 1217-1219. ISSN 2632-0045

Karana, Elvin and Nimkulrat, Nithikul and Giaccardi, Elisa and Niedderer, Kristina and Fan, Jeng-Neng (2019) Alive. Active. Adaptive: Experiential knowledge and emerging materials. International Journal of Design, 13 (2). ISSN 1991-3761

Mariano, Greice C. and Alberton, Bruna and Morellato, Leonor Patrícia C. and Torres, Ricardo da S. (2019) RadialPheno: A tool for near-surface phenology analysis through radial layouts. Applications in Plant Sciences, 7 (6). e01253.

Mathur, Ashok (2019) Complicating Non-Indigeneities and Other Considerations around Race in the Art and Design University. RACAR: revue d'art canadienne / Canadian Art Review, 44 (1). pp. 54-63.

Mittra, James and Mastroeni, Michele and Haddow, Gill and Wield, David and Barlow, Elisabeth (2019) Re-imagining healthcare and medical research systems in post-devolution Scotland. Sociological Research Online, 24 (1). pp. 55-72. ISSN 1360-7804

Mohammed, Gamal and Mahmoud, Noha (2019) An urban code in traditional Middle Eastern contexts: The edge environment as a central theme for reading the social pattern language of historic sites. SAGE Open, 9 (1). ISSN 2158-2440

Book Section

DiPietro, Cary and Ferguson, Susan and Grant, Roderick (2019) Writing as Making: Positioning a WAC Initiative to Bridge Academic Discourse and Studio Learning. In: Writing In and About the Performing and Visual Arts: Creating, Performing, and Teaching. University Press of Colorado, pp. 147-162. ISBN 978-1-64215-029-2

Diederichs, Rebecca and Leung, Carrianne (2019) Insights from Art and Design Writing Workshops. In: Writing In and About the Performing and Visual Arts: Creating, Performing, and Teaching. University Press of Colorado, pp. 137-145. ISBN Bartholomae, D. (1986). Inventing the university. Journal of Basic Writing, 5(1), 4-23. Retrieved from https://wac.colostate.edu/jbw/v5n1/bartholomae.pdf Carter, M. (2007). Ways of knowing, doing, and writing in the disciplines. College Composition and Co

Ji, Haru Hyunkyung and Wakefield, Graham (2019) Selected artificial natures, 2017-2018. In: Living Architecture Systems Group White Papers. Riverside Architectural Press, Toronto, Canada, pp. 132-141. ISBN 978-1-988366-18-0]

Conference/Workshop Item

Harfoush, Nabil and Abdallah, Merwad and Gao, Lucy (2019) Asian Carp Project – Infographics & Megamap™. In: Asian Carp Project.

Jones, Peter and Buehring, Joern and Scupelli, Peter and Bishop, Peter (2019) Track 5.g Introduction Design with foresight: Strategic anticipation in design research. In: Academy for Design Innovation Management, 18-21 Jun 2019, London, United Kingdom.

Kuusk, Kristi and Nimkulrat, Nithikul (2019) Mediating (nonverbal) communication between persons with different cognitive abilities using interactive artifacts. In: Cumulus Conference Proceedings Rovaniemi 2019, 29 May - 01 June 2019, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Landry, Chris and Savard, Dany and Williams, Mita and Yates, Elizabeth (2019) Open access and OA policies on campus. In: 2019 Ontario Scholarly Communication Skillshare, 21 Nov 2019, Toronto, Canada.

Miller, James (2019) Indigenous design knowledge and placemaking in the climate diaspora. In: 2019 ARCC Conference: The Future of Praxis, 29 May - Jun 1 2019, Toronto, Canada.

Miller, James (2019) Indigenous design knowledge and placemaking in the climate diaspora. In: ARCC 2019 International Conference, 29 May - June 02 2019, Toronto, Canada.

Miller, James and Xiaonuan, Sun and Bunza, Matthew (2019) Future vernaculars towards a process-based dwelling ecosystem in pacific atoll nations. In: 7th International Network of Tropical Architecture Conference, 5-8 Dec 2019, St Lucia, Australia.

Nimkulrat, Nithikul and Oussoren, Aaron and Day Fraser, Hélène and Doyle, Keith (2019) Collaborative craft through digital fabrication and virtual reality. In: RTD2019 Method & Critique – Frictions and Shifts in RtD, March 19–23, 2019, Delft, The Netherlands.

Westecott, Emma and Stein, Suzanne and Cheryl, Hsu and Kashfia, Rahman (2019) In Situ: Researching corporate diversity initiatives with game developers. In: DiGRA '19 - Proceedings of the 2019 DiGRA International Conference: Game, Play and the Emerging Ludo-Mix DiGRA, August, 2019, 6-10 Aug 2019, Kyoto, Japan.


Glass, T. M. and Alvarez, Francisco (2019) T.M. Glass: The audible language of flowers [Exhibition catalogue]. OCAD University, Toronto, Canada. ISBN 978-1-77252-011-8

Igloliorte, Heather and Dickson, Amy and von Harringa, Charissa (2019) Among all these tundras [Exhibition catalogue]. Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada. ISBN 978-1-77252-012-5

Smith, Lisa Deanne (2019) How to breathe forever [Exhibition catalogue]. OCAD University, Toronto, Canada. ISBN 978-1-77252-010-1


Al Rabbaa, Jad (2019) MRsive: an Augmented Reality Tool for Enhancing Wayfinding and Engagement With Art in Museums. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Bascunan, Orlando (2019) Designing a neuroatypical weather-based planning tool. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Boyce, Kristy (2019) The White People Problem: Experiments in The Reverse Gaze. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Braithwaite, Finlay (2019) 2020 Sound. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Braniss, Tal Sofia (2019) I Am So Afraid Of Words: An Investigative Exploration into the Physicality of the Photograph. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Brito, Emma (2019) Who We Are/Quienes Somos. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Caprariu, Ramona (2019) Statescapes: An Expanded Cinema Exploration into Memory, Looping Patterns, and Simultaneous Temporalities. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Caraway, Kylie (2019) Mother of the Forest: Contemplating Species Entanglements in a Sequoia Ecosystem. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Carlson, Sarah (2019) Gardens & Grottoes: An Interdisciplinary Investigation into Passages of Becoming. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Chen, carlina (2019) ...just a moment. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Clark Espinal, Panya (2019) Between Stories: The Agency of Story and Living Ways. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Feiler, Thomas (2019) Advertising Will Save the World* (*results may vary). Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Foster, David (2019) Exploring the Human Visual Perception Process to Foster Mindful Seeing (Finding the Angels and Devils in the Details). Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Guzman, Coco (2019) Las cosas que se quedan / The things that remain. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Handley-Derry, Elizabeth (2019) DANCE IN THE ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO 1977 AND 2017. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Harkin, Sean (2019) Devices for Hyper-Polluted Futures. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Hart, Keiko (2019) in(Living)between: Performing the Hyphen. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Henry, Roxanne (2019) Designing a Taxonomy for Evaluating Virtual 3D Interfaces and Experiences. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Ikiriko, Liz (2019) The Break, The Wake, The Hold, The Breath: A Curatorial Study of Subversive Transmissions in Contemporary African and Diasporic Art. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Jackson, Vanessa (2019) Wild Things. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Kupfer, Shannon Lee (2019) Multisensory Mold: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of Ubiquitous Indoor Fungi. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Lander, Max (2019) PowerGaming: Queer BDSM and Weird Little Games. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Luginbuhl, Chris (2019) Future Renaissance. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Mason, Emilia (2019) The Amaya AR Project: An Augmented Reality Documentary of the 2018 Nicaraguan Resistance. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Matheuszik, Adrienne (2019) Ambiguous Origins: Mixed Race and Mixed Reality. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

McCallum, Kirstie (2019) Inviting the Outside In. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Poole-Adler, Kristi (2019) Nostalgia is (not) Productive. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Revah Sinai, Dikla (2019) Moving Toward Agency. How Technology of the Self can Liberate Humans from the Social Constraints of Biological Sex. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Rockliff, Quinn (2019) here:there An Autoethnographic Exploration of Virtual and Physical Embodiment. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Shanehchiyan, Lida (2019) Depression Behind the Agreeable Silence: Women, Migration and Self-Censorship. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Shao, Yiyi (2019) RABBOT - Exploring Shared Awareness in Virtual Reality. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Shepko-Hamilton, Roxolyana (2019) My Sister in Data: Visualizing an online relationship. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Shinkaruk, Savaya (2019) AI Stylist: What Do I Wear? Mobile Application. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Snowball, Ellen (2019) Louise Snowball, Room #237. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Sparks, Philip (2019) Missed Fit. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Tallon, Jeff (2019) Human Capital. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Ting, Tommy (2019) CRUISING GAME SPACE: Game Level Design, Gay Cruising and the Queer Gothic in The Rawlings. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Tompkins, Katrina (2019) Finding Folk: Contemporary Craft Regionalism. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Wu, Lingxiang (2019) Red Millennial Apple: The Rough and The Smooth Image. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Yuan, Feng (2019) Data Humanism: Examining how the British newspaper, The Guardian, depicted the British Mad Cow Disease Crisis from 1986–1996. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

vanderheyden, dori diana adriana (2019) Embodied Colour: Material Moves. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Abdallah, Merwad and Foulds, Lesley-Ann (2019) Practitioner Perspectives on Innovation: Insights Into Innovation Practices in Established Organizations. [MRP]

Abedin, Salman (2019) Weaving Change. [MRP]

Abuseif, Nadia (2019) Beasts in Collaboration: A Study of Biomimicry and Evolutionary Principles applied to Management Innovation. [MRP]

Addada, Nadine (2019) RETHINK Aging in Place: An Integrated Indoor Domestic Waste Management System. [MRP]

Andrews, Claire (2019) Digital Buddies: Co-designing an accessible lock and locker. [MRP]

Austin, Amanda (2019) Addressing the Mental Health Challenges of Post-Secondary Education Students through the Implementation of Multi-Sensory Environments. [MRP]

Berger, Nadia Melissa (2019) Personal Futures: A Pathway for a New Generation of Investors. [MRP]

Biggs, Brandon (2019) Designing Accessible Nonvisual Maps. [MRP]

Bortoni, Alejandra (2019) Making the Museum of Natural History and Environmental Culture in Mexico City more inclusive for vision-impaired visitors: Design Proposal. [MRP]

Brooks, Dee (2019) Towards a Practice of Collaborative Sustainable Innovation Design: Foresight Enhancement and the DesignShop Process. [MRP]

Bueno Antunes, Igor (2019) Down the Road of Innovation Strategy: A Route towards Employee Experience and Sustainability. [MRP]

Campbell, Tara and Lutterman, Ariana (2019) Designing Futures with Care: Finding Our Way to Different Worlds Together. [MRP]

Carriere, Hannah (2019) Temperature Check: Designing Support Systems for Older Adults in Heat Waves. [MRP]

Chopik, Chris (2019) Property Value in an Era of Climate Change. [MRP]

Clarke, Asia (2019) Grassroots Futures - Identifying Long-Term Sustainability Opportunities with Women's/Girl's Empowerment Grassroots NGOs in Ghana. [MRP]

Constantinescu, Annie (2019) The Narrative of Climate Change: Inspiring Positive Behavioural Change Through Elements of the Environmental Narrative. [MRP]

Diep, Melissa Q.Lan (2019) Multi-Sensory Environments and Student Wellness on Urban Campuses: Co-designing an Inclusive Space at Butterfield Park to Help Support Student Mental Health. [MRP]

Dubé, Hillary (2019) Personalized styling service for mature women (50+) transitioning through different stages of life, including but not limited to career style identity and its evolution to post- career style identity. [MRP]

Escobar-Lamanna, Juan (2019) Why Speed Matters: Collective Action and Participation in Speedrunning Groups. [MRP]

Ferriolo, Karli (2019) We Must Write A Better Ending: Using Strategic Foresight in Social Movement Organizing. [MRP]

Forest, Eric (2019) Leveraging Blind Woodworkers’ Practices to Develop Inclusive Instruction. [MRP]

Gao, Lucy (2019) There's No Place like the Connected Home. [MRP]

Ghodke, Uttara (2019) THE CROSS-SENSORY GLOBE: Co-Designing a 3D Audio-Tactile Globe Prototype for Blind and Low- Vision Users to Learn Geography. [MRP]

Gillis, Bhreigh (2019) Can Design Help Mitigate Running-Related Injuries? [MRP]

Halverson, Neal (2019) Foresight Playback: Mapping the Future of Industrial Regions by Learning from Historical Cycles of Innovation. [MRP]

Hladkyj, Andrew (2019) TEACHERLESS: The Futures of Design Education. [MRP]

Kesebi, Oktay (2019) Disruption Ready: Building market resilience through ‘adapted foresight’, organizational agility, 
co-creative intelligence and employee engagement. [MRP]

Knibb, Nicole (2019) The Margin of Elegance: How the university art gallery provides vital space for careful, inquisitive, and imaginative postsecondary learning. [MRP]

Kudelka, Kate (2019) Seller Beware: The Futures of Consumer Behaviour. [MRP]

Kumar, Rachna (2019) Extracting cultural empathy from online media platforms and applying it into organizations. [MRP]

Leveille, Christopher (2019) "...Aaand Scene!": Moving Towards a Future for the Independent Theatre Landscape in Toronto. [MRP]

Lima, Jananda (2019) Visualizing a narrative through the eyes of the marginalized. [MRP]

Mahendren, Mathura (2019) Love x Design: When a designer's toolkit meets long-term romantic relationships. [MRP]

Matharu, Navinder and Oliveira, Adam (2019) How mutable is the future: Can long futures be adaptively transformed by choices and decisions in the face of indomitable challenges? [MRP]

Matters, Samantha (2019) Strategic Foresight in Métis Communities: Lessons from Indigenous Futurism. [MRP]

Matulis, Henrique (2019) Design of Activation Modules for People Aging in Place and at Long Term Care. [MRP]

McMillan, Madeleine (2019) Surface Memory: Understanding the Uncanny through the Use of Projection in Adrian Stimson’s Bison in the Bowl: This is Indian Land (2005). [MRP]

Meninato, Tieni (2019) Designing Designers - Paths to Experience Desired Futures. [MRP]

Nashtaran, Trishia (2019) THIRD SPACE FEMINISM. [MRP]

Nercessian, Silva (2019) Application of the Delphi Method to Identify Risks in an Acute Healthcare Setting. [MRP]

Newton, Jennifer (2019) Into the deep end: Navigating deep understanding and operationalization of human-centred design for sustainable, purpose-driven innovation. [MRP]

Norris, Nicole (2019) Flourishing Trim tabs Designing business models that catalyze strongly sustainable enterprises: An exploration of Design variety using tools for collaborative modelling modes. [MRP]

Pignotti, Alessia (2019) Unsettling Spaces: Sensing the Affect of Un-calm. [MRP]

Prieto-McTair, Ian Kamau (2019) Loss: On Sadness and Storytelling. [MRP]

Quintero Rawlings, Frances (2019) Designing More Inclusive Death and Grief Cultural Practices and Rituals. [MRP]

Rahman, Kashfia (2019) Cracks in the Sidewalk: Tactics and discourses driving the “smart city” development of Quayside. [MRP]

Robbie-Higgins, Samantha (2019) The Chartreuse David: A Florentine Souvenir, Michelangelo's David and the Lens of Kitsch. [MRP]

Robbins, Laura (2019) Unlocking the Reuse Revolution for Fashion: A Canadian Case Study. [MRP]

Rucchin King, Robyn and Spry, Ainsley (2019) Breaking Stigma to Build Trust in Remote Working Teams. [MRP]

Sabourin, Rachelle (2019) In the Pursuit of Permanence, Is There Only Persistence? Contemporary Graffiti Practices in Toronto. [MRP]

Shamaee, Ali and Mohamedali, Maryam (2019) Toward Meaningfully Engaging Children in Futures Work. [MRP]

Shand, Lincoln (2019) Metaphors, Myths and the Stories We Tell: How to Empower a Flourishing AI Enabled Human in the Future of Work by Enabling Whole Brain Thinking. [MRP]

Shaw, Jacqueline (2019) Towards An Intersectional Praxis In Design. [MRP]

Singh, Prateeksha (2019) Inclusive and Plural Futures: a way forward. [MRP]

Smith, Jaicyea (2019) The Intrinsic Value of Co-Designing Skateparks. [MRP]

Tasic, Milena (2019) Preserving Agriculture Through Wine: Examining The Opportunity For Ontario’s Wine Industry To Pioneer Agricultural Resilience In The Face Of Climate Change. [MRP]

Walker, Katherine (2019) Re-framing Tradition in Cai Guo-Qiang’s Project to Extend the Great Wall of China by 10,000 metres: Project for Extraterrestrials No. 10 (1993). [MRP]

Walls, Andrew James (2019) The Innovation Cascade: A Five-Level Framework for Building Enterprise Innovation Systems. [MRP]

Yusim, Lena (2019) Mapping Audio and Tactile Variables: A concatenated study to find inclusive correspondences for visual variables in geographic maps. [MRP]


Baerg, Jason (2019) This is Research; Jason Baerg: ᓭᓭᓯᐤ / Sêsêsiw / Yellow Legs. OCAD University Office of Research & Innovation.

Heller, Lynne and Czegledy, Nina (2019) This is Research; Heller and Czegledy: Serious Play. OCAD University Office of Research & Innovation.

Milgram, Lynne B. (2019) This is Research; Milgram: Activating Alternatives for a Sustainable Trade: Social Entrepreneurship and Coffee Production in the Upland Northern Philippines. OCAD University Office of Research & Innovation.

Rice, Ryan (2019) This is Research; Rice: #LIWYFTTG. OCAD University Office of Research & Innovation.

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