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Stein, Suzanne, Bruce, Alison, Carnevale, Michael, Shakdher, Smriti, Owen, Adam, Rice-Khouri, Alex, Hicks, Andrew, Zheng, Davidson, Viðarsson, Egill Rúna, Uzun, Fusun, Hammadullah, Syed, Essex, James, Yerbury,, Jazmine, Salk, Jonathan, Shaw, Jordan, Lu, Leon, Ding, Ling, Gunatilleke, Manik, Luft, Marcelo, Gordon, Marcus A., Castro, Margarita, Syed, Nimrah, Slater, Theresa R. and Xu, Xiaqi (2016) Creative techniques handbook 2015 Digital Futures OCAD University. OCAD University.


Abdelkader, Medina Eve (2016) Only Human: Towards a neuroscience-based understanding of future-facing organizational culture. [MRP]

Alazem, Ahmed and Reid, Ian (2016) Empowering Small Enterprises by Driving Value and Flow Through Systemic Strategic Planning: An exploratory study into the strategic planning of Small Enterprises in the Canadian Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. [MRP]

Cairns, Broc (2016) Curating Experience: Concepts for Analyzing the Future of Our Qualitative Environments. [MRP]

Chan, Jennifer (2016) A Tool for the Public Policy Process & Stakeholder Engagement: Using co-design methodologies and principles, how might we support policy makers and policy influencers to adopt a user-centered approach to the public policy process and build rapport between stakeholders? [MRP]

Clarke, Catherine J (2016) Walk in My Shoes. [MRP]

Dalinda, Aurelia (2016) Fuelling Our Civic Imagination: How Foresight Can Support Civic Engagement. [MRP]

Daly-Buajitti, Melissa (2016) The (Future) Object of My Affection: Developing Beyond Hookup Culture as a Millennial. [MRP]

Dempster, Margaret (2016) Participatory Change Management: A Transformation Strategy for the Physical Work Environment of Tomorrow. [MRP]

Ebbi, Bergur (2016) The Poetry of Big Data. [MRP]

Fascinato, David (2016) Understanding workforce integration: Examining how consulting firms might better integrate their design and innovation units. [MRP]

Gray, Ian S (2016) Ecological Urban Design for Performance. [MRP]

Guadarrama Baena, Graciela (2016) Air pollution in Mexico City. A design approach to a wicked problem. [MRP]

Hegazy, Nourhan (2016) Understanding the Potential of Intergenerational Collaboration. [MRP]

Juneja, Manpreet (2016) Designing Mindscapes: Re-inventing Urban Spaces by understanding Psychology of Design and Philosophy of Heterotopia. [MRP]

Klaiman, Donna and Beisha, Hala (2016) From Intergenerational Collaboration to Designing for Problem Solving for Value Creation in the Creative Economy. [MRP]

Lee, Pansy (2016) Tech needs more men... to support gender equality. [MRP]

Matic, Ana (2016) Microwork: Theory, Models and Mechanics for enabling impact through aggregate action. [MRP]

McDougall, Jennifer (2016) Vision 2020: How Shifts in SE Leader Mindset Could Create Conditions for the Transition to Sustainability. [MRP]

Mohanarajan, Angith (2016) “Business” as an Art Form. [MRP]

Morris, Kevin (2016) Faster horses: How design-led consultancies can drive better problem-finding outcomes to help clients escape the core innovation trap. [MRP]

Moxon, J. Douglas (2016) Branding for the rest of us. [MRP]

Muia, Christina (2016) Cheetah Generation: Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Nairobi. [MRP]

Murphy, Ryan J. A. (2016) Innovation Education. [MRP]

Myers, Mary Adelaide (2016) Employee Engagement Makes the Quadruple Aim: Connecting Patients and Employees in Relationship-Centred Care. [MRP]

Naik, Mithula (2016) Major Research Project. [MRP]

Pereira, Sheldon (2016) Stories of My Future Self: A Personal Futures Exploration. [MRP]

Porteanu, Monica (2016) LifeBooth: A Provocation for Meaningful Decision Making. [MRP]

Quiros Marten, Carolina (2016) Students Who Thrive - Well-being of University Students in Ontario. [MRP]

Rementilla, Vanessa (2016) Invisible Teacher: How Might Digital Leisure Games Foster Critical Thinking and Grit? [MRP]

Robyn, McCallum (2016) Canada's Fine Arts and Culture System: Strategies for supporting a more resilient future. [MRP]

Russek, Heather (2016) The Art of Climate Change. [MRP]

Scott, Dione Mitzi (2016) RE:Learning. [MRP]


Shakdher, Smriti (2016) The Walled Gardens of Healthcare. [MRP]

Stulberg, Michael (2016) EXCAVATING OUR FUTURES- Exploring Participation in Experiential Scenarios. [MRP]

To, Jacqueline (2016) Understanding the Potential of Public Engagement: Hackathons and Jams. [MRP]

Trevarthen, Simon (2016) Pushing the Elephant: How to make Innovation Happen in Big, Complex Organizations. [MRP]

Truong, Steven (2016) The world is doomed… Let’s make apps! Sliding Technology Talent Towards Social Entrepreneurship. [MRP]

Wang, George (2016) Future of Nostalgia: How might we use nostalgia to improve psychological resilience in a fast-changing world? [MRP]

de Jong, Janice (2016) Arepas, Fufu, and Gado Gado: How future immigration might impact Canada's culinary landscape. [MRP]

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