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Alghamdi, Fatima Mohammad (2013) Role of inclusively Designed Technology in Facilitating Communication for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder. [MRP]

Arunachalan, Bhuvaneswari and Diamond, Sara and Stevens, Anne and Talaie, Borzu and Ghaderi, Maziar (2013) Visualization of residents in long-term care centres through mobile natural user interfaces (NUI). In: IEEE Symposium on Large-Scale Data Analysis and Visualization (LDAV).


Baird, Rebecca (2013) “Why Donʼt You Just Drop This Indian Stuff”: the Living Legacy of Indigenous Selfhood. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Bal, Harjot (2013) Responsive Aesthetics for Yogic Meditation: An Innovative Design Theory for Holistic Health that supports Autonomy and Effective Training. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Bateman, Vanessa Mae (2013) Why Look at Dead Animals? Taxidermy in Contemporary Art. [MRP]

Bicknell, Jeanette (2013) Review of The Sublime: From Antiquity to the Present, Timothy Costelloe, (ed.). Philosophical Reviews. ISSN 1538-1617

Binnie, Lisa (2013) The Port Lands Sensory Walk. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Boyle, Alexis (2013) Mischief and Curiosity as Survival Strategies in the Super-modern World. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Brunet, Claire (2013) Paradox in sculpture: Hypermodernity, nature, and digital medium. In: Balance-Unbalance International Conference 2013, 31 May - 02 June 2013, Noosa, Australia.

Burrows, Deanna (2013) Inclusive Landmark based Pedestrian Wayfinding via Multi-modal Directions. [MRP]


Cappuccitti, Jessica (2013) G.I. Jane Doe: Witnessing War in the Exhibition Overlooked / Looked Over. [MRP]

Cecchetto, David (2013) The sonic effect: Aurality and digital networks in Exurbia. Evental Aesthetics, 2 (2). pp. 35-62. ISSN 2167-1931

Cerquera Benjumea, Gustavo (2013) Amazonian Visions: Animating Ghosts. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Chang, Shuting (2013) Explore using digital game and empathy as tools for self-expression An Art Exhibition of Digital Game. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Chitty, Nell (2013) User Fatigue and Eye Controlled Technology. [MRP]

Coleman, Elizabeth Eva (2013) [Bare] Witness How electronic literature can facilitate critical empathy, convey complex narratives and bring us closer through the poetics of interactivity. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Dadlez, E. M. and Bicknell, Jeanette (2013) Not moderately moral: Why Hume is not a 'moderate moralist'. Philosophy and Literature, 37 (2). p. 330. ISSN 0190-0013

Daly, Una and Gruszczynska, Anna and Treviranus, Jutta (2013) Designing OER with diversity in mind. In: Open Education Week 2013 Webinar, 11 March 2013.


Diamond, Sara and Andrew, Suzanne Alyssa and Bouthillier, Rose and Buck, Naomi and Moorehead, Christopher and Walker, Ellyn (2013) Sketch. Summer 2013, 25 (1). OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.

Do, Thuy Linh (2013) The Gaze Of The Other. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

D’Intino, Pina (2013) Creating the DEEP Community—Approaches to Effective Cultural and Systemic Changes Through Joint and Concrete Action. [MRP]


Earl, Sandra (2013) Guides and Templates: A New Approach to Universal Design for Learning in Blended and Online Courses. [MRP]


Fabo, Andy (2013) Delirious at the Borderlines: Limit Experience and the (Im)Possibilities of Representation. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Fatona, Andrea and Morgan-Feir, Caoimhe and Dennis, Katherine and Barkhouse, Mary Anne and Coburn, Wendy and Fernandes, Brendan and Gold, Susan and Havre, Jérôme and Art Gallery of Peterborough, and Art Gallery of Windsor, and Thames Art Gallery, (2013) Land marks: Mary Anne Barkhouse, Wendy Coburn, Brendan Fernandes, Susan Gold and Jérôme Harve. Thames Art Gallery. ISBN 978-1-894651-40-0

Furdyk, Michael (2013) Future friendly schools. [MRP]


Gardner, Paula and Wray, Britt (2013) From lab to living room: Transhumanist imaginaries of consumer brain wave monitors. Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology (3).

Granados, Francisco-Fernando and Aslanov, Khagan and McNally, Diana and Pearl, Zach (2013) Kapsula. Politics of Aesthetics, Part 1 of 3, 1 . KAPSULA PRESS.

Griffin, David (2013) How to write silence. TRACEY: drawing and visualisation research.

Griffin, David (2013) Ut pictura poesis: Drawing into space. Leonardo, 46 (4). pp. 353-359.


Haagaard, Alex M. (2013) Paramedic-Focused Recommendations for the Design of a Medical Identification System. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Haldenby, Trevor (2013) BRINGING THE FUTURE TO LIFE Pervasive Transmedia Scenarios and the World of Worlding. [MRP]

Hardin, Joseph (2013) Investigating the Intersections of Open Educational Resources and Inclusive Educational Practices. [MRP]

Heller, Lynne (2013) The Adventures of Nar Duell in Second Life: Pillflower world. The Poor Little Doped Avatar and Her Very Able Friend (32). Heller World.

Heller, Lynne (2013) The adventures of Nar Duell in Second Life - Redux!: And Drag On. Heller World.

Heller, Lynne (2013) The adventures of Nar Duell in Second Life: Finding trackhouse. The Poor Little Psyched Avatar and her Best Girlfriend (22). Heller Comics.

Heller, Lynne (2013) The adventures of Nar Duell in Second Life: The snow / globe epic. The Poor Little Cold Avatar (4). Heller Comics.

Heller, Lynne (2013) The adventures of Nar Duell in Second life: Dancing with myself. Sparkles with Fun and Excitement (34). Heller World.

Heller, Lynne (2013) The adventures of Nar Duell in Second life: Pushing art. The Poor Little Art Collector (168). Heller World.

Heller, Lynne (2013) The adventures of nar Duell in Second Life: Low lives. Every Avatar a Winner (48). Heller World.


Itani, Fayssal (2013) Blogtivist: An Exploration of an Online Activist Game Inspired by the Arab Spring Revolution. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Jones, Peter (2013) Rethinking care and its consumers. In: Design for care: innovating healthcare experience. Rosenfeld Media, Brooklyn, USA, pp. 1-29. ISBN 978-1-933820-23-1


Kara, Selmin (2013) The sonic summons: Meditations on nature and anempathetic sound in digital documentaries. In: The Oxford Handbook of Sound and Image in Digital Media. Oxford University Press. (Submitted)

Keeley, Angela (2013) ART CON GUELPH: Developing Alternative Artistic Practices through Fan Culture and Fan Convention Models. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Krizan, Valerie (2013) Now You See Me, No You Don’t: Lorna Simpson and a Pin-Up’s Photographs. [MRP]

Kwong, Kelvin (2013) Conspicuously Healthy: The Fiction of Health and Nutrition. [MRP]


Lal, Tahireh (2013) Metaphysical Gravity. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

LeBlanc, Lindsay and Powers, Zeesy and Browne, Penny Leong (2013) Kapsula, Politics of Aesthetics 2/3. Politics of Aesthetics Part 2 of 3, 1 . KAPSULA PRESS.

Leeming, William (2013) Looking back on the future of genetic counselling in Canada. Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, 30 (1). ISSN 0823-2105

Lewis, Clayton and Treviranus, Jutta (2013) Public policy and the global public inclusive infrastructure project. interactions, 20 (5). pp. 62-66.

Li, Chunmei (2013) Crafting Modern China: the Revival of Yixing Pottery. [MRP]

Logan, Robert K. (2013) Mcluhan extended and the extended mind thesis (EMT). AVANT. The Journal Of The Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard, 4 (2). pp. 45-58. ISSN 2082-6710

Logan, Robert K. (2013) Mcluhan, energy exploitation and the overextensions of man. Razón y palabra (84). pp. 15-29.

Logan, Robert K. (2013) Media ecology, the biology of Stuart Kauffman and Terrence Deacon’s Incomplete Nature: Much Ado About Nothing. Explorations in Media Ecology, 12 (3). pp. 267-275. ISSN 15397785

Logan, Robert K. (2013) Ulanowicz’s Process Ecology, Duality and Emergent Deism. Open Journal of Philosophy, 03 (03). pp. 422-428. ISSN 2163-9434

Logan, Robert K. (2013) The teleodynamics of language, culture, technology and science (LCT). Information, 4 (1). pp. 94-116. ISSN 2078-2489

Logan, Robert K. and MacDougall, Robert C. and Zhang, Peter (2013) Preface: probing the boundaries of media ecology. Explorations in Media Ecology, 12 (3). pp. 155-158. ISSN 1539-7785

Luke, Robert (2013) Measuring innovation skills acquired by college and polytechnic students through applied research. Technology Innovation Management Review, 3. pp. 36-43. ISSN 1927-0321


MacLean, Sara (2013) Quantities and Qualities: Embodied Encounters with Genetic Disorder. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Matheson, Julie (2013) Performing (Inter)Nationalism: The Restoration of the Český Krumlov Castle Theatre. [MRP]

McCammon, Benjamin J. (2013) How mental models influence decision - making: insights from leaders of sustainable Ontario SMEs. [MRP]

Meirelles, Isabel (2013) Case study: The development of the HDI Tree. In: Selected Readings of the 5th Information Design International Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Meirelles, Isabel and Sun, Xiaohua (2013) Teaching information visualization by exploring their power in engaging users of social media applications. InfoDesign - Revista Brasileira de Design da Informação, 10 (1). pp. 38-54. ISSN 1808-5377

Meredith, Diana (2013) Age is Written on the Body. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Morgenstern, Tyler and Leuning, Grant and Pearl, Zach (2013) Kapsula: Crisis, Part 3 of 3. CRISIS, PART 3 OF 3, 1 . KAPSULA PRESS.

Morrell, Amish (2013) Editorial: Issue 117: Translation. C: International Contemporary Art (117). p. 2. ISSN 1480-5472

Morrell, Amish (2013) Editorial: Issue 118: Criticism. C: International Contemporary Art (118). p. 2. ISSN 1480-5472

Morrell, Amish (2013) Editorial: Issue 119: Residencies. C: International Contemporary Art (119). p. 2. ISSN 1480-5472

Morrell, Amish (2013) Residency for artists on hiatus: Interview with Shinobu Akimoto and Matthew Evans (a.k.a. smfoundation). C: International Contemporary Art (119). pp. 34-35. ISSN 1480-5472

Moser, Gabrielle (2013) Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins. Canadian Art, 30 (1). p. 124.

Moser, Gabrielle (2013) Lenscraft: Jessica Eaton asks us to think about how we see. Canadian Art, 29 (4). p. 94. ISSN 0825-3854

Mouka, Jacob (2013) Designing an Accessible Web Technology. [MRP]


Nay, Eric (2013) Competing visions: The university, innovation and engineering after the space race. In: The 3rd World Sustainability Forum, 1-30 Nov 2013.

Neil, Derek and Perrault, Samuel and Lapierre, Nathan and Reilly, Derek and Parker, David and Bal, Harjot (2013) Limber: Exploring motivation in a workplace exergame. In: Proceedings of the 2013 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work Companion.

Nicol, Heather (2013) Cordial. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Nowicka-Wright, Yvonne (2013) Seduced by Form: Aesthetics of Spectacle in Contemporary Art Museum Architecture. [MRP]


Orri Hancherow, Stefan (2013) Brand New Aura. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Page, Michael (2013) Haptic holography/touching the ethereal. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 415 (1). 012041. ISSN 1742-6596

Pearl, Zach (2013) Kapsula. Politics of Aesthetics 3/3, 1 . KAPSULA PRESS, Toronto, Canada.

Pearl, Zach and Terziyska, Yoli and De Jopling, Yvonne and Kasumovic, Mark and Highway, Pepper and Dennis, Katherine (2013) Kapsula: Crisis 2/3. KAPSULA PRESS, Toronto, Canada.

Petrescu, Dorin Mihai (2013) One Size Doesn’t Fit All: An Inclusive Art Therapy Approach for Communication Augmentation and Emotion Control in Children with Autism. [MRP]

Pin-Chun Chen, Cathy (2013) Gītakāra: A radio and SMS-based system for collaborative composition and broadcasting. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Rauch, Barbara (2013) Emotional Creativity. In: Proceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Creativity & Cognition.

Reilly, Derek and Westecott, Emma and Parker, David and Perreault, Samuel and Neil, Derek and Lapierre, Nathan and Hartman, Kate and Bal, Harjot (2013) Design-driven research for workplace exergames: The limber case study. In: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Gameful Design, Research, and Applications.

Romano, Marco (2013) “For the people, by the people” How might governments benefit from human-centred design? [MRP]



Sellen, Kate and Callum, Jeannie and Chignell, Mark and Halliday, Alison (2013) Negotiating capture, resistance, errors, and identity: Confessions from the operating suite. In: CHI’13, 27 Apr – 2 May 2013, Paris, France.

Shea, Geoffrey and Haagaard, Alexandra and Chitty, Nell and Lal, Tahireh (2013) Cardinal: An eye-gesture based communication system. In: Eye Tracking Conference on Behavioral Research, 2013, Boston, USA.

Sherman, Mark (2013) Mindfulness as a Skillful Approach to Inclusive Design. [MRP]

Smart, Penelope Jane (2013) Time To Start Over. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Smith, Lisa Deanne (2013) Ads for People: Selling Ethics in the Digital Age [Exhibition Catalogue]. Onsite Gallery at OCAD University.

Smith, Lisa Deanne (2013) No Dull Affairs [Exhibition Catalogue]. Onsite Gallery at OCAD University.

Smith, Lisa Deanne (2013) Terreform ONE: Biological Urbanism [Exhibition Catalogue]. Onsite Gallery at OCAD University.

Smith, Matthew Ryan (2013) Book Review: Shapeshifting: Transformations in Native American Art. WRECK: The Graduate Journal of Art History, Visual Art & Theory, 4 (1). pp. 64-67.

Stevens, Anne (2013) New Uses for Old Phones: Upcycling the Rotary Dial Phone in the Age of the Smartphone. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Synott, Spirit (2013) Re-Presenting Barriers and Bridges: Practice as Research in a New Dance Project about Ability. [MRP]

Szigeti, Steve (2013) Engaging the audience: Cconcepts for the use of companion devices. In: Workshop: Exploring and Enhancing the User Experience for TV, Paris, France.


Thankappan, Sherly (2013) Evolving a vocabulary for effective communication with non-speaking patients in situations of medical emergency / hospital intensive care. [MRP]

Timofte, Lucian (2013) A Dialogical-Self Narrative: Meanings of Inclusiveness between Disability, Design and Theology. [MRP]

Tolja, Gorana (2013) Re-telling, re-evaluating and re-constructing. The Comics Grid, 3 (1). ISSN 2048-0792

Tomic, Milena (2013) Jimmy Robert: Draw the line. C Magazine (120). pp. 52-53. ISSN 1480-5472

Tsonis, Frank (2013) Out of Sync: Slowing down the rate of High Frequency Trading. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Tuer, Dot (2013) Photographing the lost mural of Diego Rivera. In the Darkroom.

Tuer, Dot (2013) Review of The Cultural Work of Photography in Canada. RACAR: revue d'art canadienne / Canadian Art Review, 38 (1). 113 - 114. ISSN 0315-9906

Tuer, Dot (2013) Tigers and crosses: The transcultural dynamics of Spanish-Guaraní relations in the Río de la Plata: 1516-1580. PhD thesis, University of Toronto.


Van Alstyne, Greg (2013) Co-creating foresight culture in government. In: WorldFutures 2013, 21 Jul 2013, Chicago, USA.

Vanderheiden, Gregg C. and Treviranus, Jutta and Chourasia, Amrish (2013) The global public inclusive infrastructure (GPII). In: Proceedings of the 15th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility.



Westecott, Emma (2013) Independent game development as craft. Loading… The Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association, 7 (11). pp. 78-91. ISSN 1923-2691

Westecott, Emma and Epstein, Hannah and Leitch, Alexandra (2013) Feminist art game praxis. In: DiGRA 2013: DeFragging Game Studies, August 26-29, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. (Unpublished)

Whitmer, Barbara (2013) CIVDDD collaborative research in big data analytics and visualization. In: Proceedings of the 2013 Conference of the Center for Advanced Studies on Collaborative Research.

Wilson, Nathan (2013) Review: Gene A. Plunka, Holocaust Drama: The Theater of Atrocity (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009). Past Imperfect, 18. ISSN 1718-4487


Yan, Che (2013) Assimilation, Dissimilation: An inclusive, participant based installation to express Toronto's collective memory. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Zealley, Andrew (2013) Disco Hospital. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Zeilinger, Martin (2013) Chiptuning intellectual property: Digital culture between Creative Commons and moral economy. IASPM@Journal, 3 (1). pp. 19-34. ISSN 2079-3871

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