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Hope in the Shadows

Salehi, Nasim (2024) Hope in the Shadows. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Item Type: Thesis
Creators: Salehi, Nasim

The realm of pain and suffering interwoven in the intricacy of human existence often remains concealed, hidden beneath everyday life. Hope in the Shadows attempts to shine a light on hidden pain to reveal a fraction of the sufferings that lie beneath our skin and the pains that we learn to live through. Spanning an eighteen-year journey through the convoluted maze of the healthcare system, the narratives combine personal struggles with a critical examination of patient care, particularly through the eyes of those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Venturing on a journey through the corridors of healthcare, this narration juxtaposes personal trauma and systemic critique to weave the threads of personal experience with a critique of the healthcare system. At its core, the stories serve as testimony to the numerous tribulations every individual has to confront in the healthcare system. From the fears of being in the small, enclosed space of an MRI machine to the endless wait times for these critical but often late tests, the narrative reflects the silent anguish encapsulating the lives of individuals. Through an art exhibition, this work endeavors to alter the intangible agony of medical imaging into a tangible and clear form, emphasizing the necessity of a more efficient and caring healthcare system. This work is an artistic journey that mixes personal struggle with a wider critique, pushing for a new way of looking at patient care.
Hope in the Shadows delves into the paradoxical juxtaposition between the importance of technological innovation in diagnosis and treatment and the blunt realities of lived experience for those dealing with the pain of chronic illness. Within this intricate web of personal, social, and political dynamics lies a call to action—an impassioned petition for acknowledgment and addressing of systemic inequities. By interweaving personal narratives with keen critiques of the current healthcare system, this project endeavors to engender a heightened awareness of the complex challenges confronting patients.
Central to the thematic underpinnings of this endeavor is the metaphorical motif of ‘cages’—both literal and figurative—that serve as allegorical representations of the existential boundaries imposed upon individuals navigating the labyrinth of the healthcare system.
By combining my personal story with the broader analysis, I aim to highlight the human element that often missed in statistical and clinical discussions. This blend of academic review, data analysis, and personal narrative aims to offer a holistic understanding of the current state of MRI scans and the critical issues faced by patients, setting the stage for discussions on potential improvements in the field.
Through this evocative imagery, viewers are invited to contemplate the profound solitude and circumscription experienced by patients, fostering a deeper understanding of the imperative for empathy, solidarity, and systemic change.

Date: 29 April 2024
Uncontrolled Keywords: MRI Experience, Battle with Fear, MRI Waiting Time, Doctor Appointment, Psychological Depth, Courage in Vulnerability, Exploration of Consciousness, Perception of Time, Stress and Relief, Life Reflections, The Intersection of Technology and Humanity, Inner Battles and External Challenges, The Sensation of Isolation, Claustrophobia, Comfort in the Cocoon, Embracing Enclosures, Pain Symphonies, Healthcare System, Being in the Place, Embodiment
Divisions: Graduate Studies > Interdisciplinary Art, Media and Design
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Date Deposited: 09 May 2024 13:31
Last Modified: 09 May 2024 13:31
URI: https://openresearch.ocadu.ca/id/eprint/4499

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