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Futures of Queer Space in Toronto

Harriman, Kirby (2023) Futures of Queer Space in Toronto. [MRP]

Item Type: MRP
Creators: Harriman, Kirby

Many spaces for queer people in Toronto have closed. Others have evolved or emerged to serve a changing community and new customers with different needs, desires and expectations. The future of these spaces in Toronto is uncertain largely due to increasing rents, the dispersion and acceptance of queer people, and how we increasingly leverage technology as a replacement for physical contact and connection. Existing relevant research mainly focuses on the historical significance of queer spaces, reasons for queer space disappearance and the current landscape of fixed, temporary and digital space. This research study builds on existing research to explore how queer spaces in Toronto may evolve in the future. Leveraging insights from semi-structured interviews with local queer space creators, experts and community builders as well as foresight methods, the research examines the role and attributes of queer space in four divergent Toronto scenarios based in 2043. Research outcomes indicate that queer spaces will continue to play an important role in the lives of queer people in the future, and that spaces with connecting, teaching, transportive, inclusive, intersectional and accessible attributes are most relevant in the futures explored. These attributes define spaces that are inclusive to all and used for community-building and connection, for sharing stories, history and celebrating progress, and for escaping to utopian worlds. And while this study highlights key weaknesses and threats to Toronto’s queer spaces, the outcomes also reveal potential for positive change and reasons to have hope. Preliminary recommendations and strategies for preserving, adapting and creating queer spaces are prioritized for greatest impact and show that queer collaboration and collective engagement have the greatest power and potential for manifesting a future of Toronto where queer people have the spaces they need to thrive.

Date: 1 May 2023
Divisions: Graduate Studies > Strategic Foresight and Innovation
Date Deposited: 05 May 2023 19:37
Last Modified: 05 May 2023 19:37
URI: https://openresearch.ocadu.ca/id/eprint/4045

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