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이뭣고 - Imwotgo – What Is This?

Fisher, David M. (2022) 이뭣고 - Imwotgo – What Is This? Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Item Type: Thesis
Creators: Fisher, David M.

My research is interdisciplinary; I come to it from a medical background in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. My methodology is further informed by mindfulness practice and my enquiry into the philosophy of consciousness. My research methods provide creative opportunities to allow me to come to an inflection point between a figure and its abstraction.

While I maintain an advocate of the Scientific Method, I have recently become more spiritual in my thinking. I question the value of Dualism, Specifically Cartesian Dualism (and its effect on the future of the planet and of interpersonal relationships). I am becoming more in favour of an outlook more in line with Non-Duality.

The central concept of this project is the use of abstraction and figuration as a metaphor for mind and matter. I use this metaphor to evoke consideration of non-duality.

Various 3D data acquisition strategies – photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and 3D modelling are used. The sculptural forms generated are then further altered within 3D interface environments. In contrast to my practice as a Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon, in my creative research, my sculptural works are driven by a Deconstructive process. This process involves the digital reduction of 3D data of the human figure through sequential subtractions. This approach aims at finding the Inflection Point(s) between a human figure (or its anatomical subunits) and its (their) abstraction(s) inside a computerized environment. I create 3D forms that may be perceived as figurative or abstract, influenced by one’s line of sight. The artwork achieves a non-dualistic state; neither figurative nor abstract, but both. In this way, it can be considered a metaphor for non-duality. Other processes involve the digital superimposition of forms through which I challenge the concept of individuality and separateness hinged on the notion of a bounded self and a clear demarcation between subject and object. Other digital modelling strategies are also explored to further investigate the boundaries and spectra between figurative forms and their abstractions. These forms are then 3D printed. Some of these are then cast in bronze. This series of sculptures were exhibited in the Ada Slaight Gallery, OCADU, 100 McCaul Street in March from the 2nd to the 5th, 2022.

Official URL: https://www.davidfisher416art.com
Date: 28 April 2022
Uncontrolled Keywords: Sculpture 3D Digital Process Deconstruction Figuration Inflection Abstraction Non-Duality
Subjects: A General Works > AI Indexes (General)
Divisions: Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies > Interdisciplinary Art, Media and Design
Date Deposited: 28 Apr 2022 15:28
Last Modified: 29 Apr 2022 18:38
URI: https://openresearch.ocadu.ca/id/eprint/3602

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