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ANNETTE, MANGAARD (2017) Meltdown An Investigation of a Seascape in Two Film Forms. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Alves de Assis, Henrique (2017) Be YourSELFIE: The Meanings of Gay Bodies on Instagram. [MRP]

Andy, Fallon (2017) Bodies that Monetize. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Balabanoff, Doreen (2017) An artistic praxis: Phenomenological colour and embodied experience. Journal of the International Colour Association, 17. pp. 150-200. ISSN 2227-1309

Bassidji, Ali and Brandhagen, Kris and Roberta, McNaughton and Robinson, Martha and Sky, Melissa and Toliadis, Ilias and Unruh, Leanne and Walker, Ellyn and Wheatcroft, Holly (2017) Piece by piece: OCAD University teaching assistant resource guide. OCAD University, Toronto.

Berman, Michael and Valenzuela, Raul (2017) Building Blocks For Sustainable Enterprises. [MRP]

Bohemia, Erik and de Bont, Cees and Holm, Lisbeth Svengren (2017) Conference proceedings of the Design Management Academy: Research perspectives on creative intersections. In: Design Management Academy Conference 2017, 7-9 Jun 2017, Hong Kong, China.

Bonilla, Juan Francisco (2017) A Home Movie, Reluctant Autoethnography. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Carnevale, Michael J (2017) Toronto Augmented Reality Map: Enhancing citizen engagement with open government data using contemporary media platforms. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Castro, Beatriz Margarita (2017) Ijiam: Augmented Reality Technologies for the Adaptation of Ecuadorian Intangible Cultural Heritage. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Clark, Colin and Michelle, Jess and Shahi, Sepideh and Stolarick, Kevin and Treviranus, Jutta and Vanderheiden, Gregg and Vimarlund, Vivian (2017) Use model for a user centred design in multidisciplinary teams. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 242. pp. 1063-1066. ISSN 1063-1066

Clark, Colin B.D. and Basman, Antranig (2017) Tracing a paradigm for externalization: Avatars and the GPII Nexus. In: Companion to the first International Conference on the Art, Science and Engineering of Programming. (Submitted)

Clarke, Colin and Basman, Antranig M. (2017) Tracing a paradigm for externalization: Avatars and the GPII Nexus. In: Salon des Refusés, 4 Apr 2017, Brussels, Belgium. (Unpublished)

Cluett, Emily (2017) Consuming Rituals: New Approaches to the Quotidian. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Colagrossi, Anna (2017) Drafting Futures Integrating Futures Thinking and Marketing Strategy. [MRP]

Coppin, Peter and Windeyer, Richard C. and MacDonald, Daniel E. and Steinman, David A. (2017) Progress toward sonifying Napoleon’s march and fluid flow simulations through binaural horizons. In: The 23rd International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD 2017), 20-23 Jun 2017, University Park, USA.


Dawson, Hayley (2017) Aesthetics vs Entrepreneurialism: Artists' Careers, the Market and Models for Art Business. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Desnoyers, Monique (2017) A settler’s response to the TRC’s Calls to Action: A research journey towards an inclusive practice. [MRP]

Ding, Ling (2017) It’s the little things that matter:A ready-to-assemble SMARTKIT to help people organize consumables at home by hacking furnishings through a do-it-yourself approach. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Essex, James A. (2017) Moov: Scaffolding Motion-Based, Paired Play Creation. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Godin, Keshia (2017) Inclusive Access: An Inclusive Design Approach to Digital Accessibility Skills Training. [MRP]

Gordon, Marcus A. (2017) Habitat 44º - The Art of Reconstruction. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Greyson, Amy Helen Margaret (2017) Making the Futures Present. [MRP]


Hartlieb-Power, Justine Kohleal (2017) WARNING! Mind The Gap: The Interstices Between Architecture and Experience. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Haskell, Thomas (2017) Mas'Queer'Raid. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Hewitt, Shawn (2017) MOBILE-EYES FOR CHANGE Immersive Reality Technologies and the Design of Human Services: (A CASE STUDY IN AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER). [MRP]

Holler, Conor P (2017) The Experiential Futures of Futureproof: A Format for Improvising Future Scenarios. [MRP]

Hoss, Jonathan (2017) Towards a Generative Model for In-Person Experience Design. [MRP]

Hoti, Qendrim (2017) Super Toys Last All Summer Long. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Hoveskog, Maya and Halila, Fawzi and Mattsson, Marie and Upward, Antony and Karlsson, Niklas (2017) Education for Sustainable Development: Business modelling for flourishing. Journal of Cleaner Production. ISSN 09596526 (Submitted)

Hsu, Cheryl (2017) Unconsciousness by Design: Addictive Technologies and the Escape from Freedom. [MRP]

Hyett, Maxwell and Haladyn, Julian Jason (2017) Exhibiting dada and surrealism (Review of Dada presentism: An essay on art and history by Stavrinaki, Maria, Translated from the French by Daniela Ginsburg. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2016. ISBN 978-0-8047-9812-9). Dada / Surrealism (21). ISSN 0084-9537 (Submitted)


Irizawa, Jay (2017) Extra:Muros:Intra: Into the Heart of Quantum Matter. UNSPECIFIED thesis, OCAD University.


Jacob, Emilie Uzoma (2017) Concrete Maternality: Late Capitalism and High-Rise Horror. [MRP]

Jibodu, Iyiope (2017) OTEM 2032: Catalyzing the Disruption of Transportation Equipment Manufacturing in Ontario. [MRP]

Jones, Peter and Shakdher, S. and Singh, P. (2017) Synthesis maps: Visual knowledge translation for the CanIMPACT clinical system and patient cancer journeys. Current Oncology, 24 (2). pp. 129-134. ISSN 1718-7729


Karpathyova, Iveta (2017) Rotoscoping Design for Bodily Technique and Interdisciplinary Research on Animation as Embodied Practice. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Kasanda, Tom (2017) Improving the Future of Learning Through Enhanced Collaboration Methods and Platforms. [MRP]

Kiloh, Kathy J. and Shuster, Martin (2017) Introduction to the inaugural issue of Adorno Studies. Adorno Studies, 1 (1). ISSN 1927-8748

Knight, Pascaline, Jessica (2017) When ( i ) stand for the w(hole): Je maintiens mon être entre deux parenthèses embrassées. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


LeBlanc, Lindsay and Pearl, Zach and England, Sara and Cabral, Lucas and Terziyska, Yoli and Morgan-Feir, Caoimhe and Granados, Francisco-Fernando and Dennis, Katherine and White, Nick and Kyba, Matthew (2017) Kapsula. Spaceless Place . KAPSULA PRESS, Toronto, Canada.

Lee Hoy, Jade (2017) Considerations for Inclusive Creative Placemaking. [MRP]

Lesch, Chad R (2017) Ubuntu 2150: The Co-Creation of Preferable, Inclusive South African Futures. [MRP]

Lever, Maggie (2017) Measuring Elements of Exhibition Design. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Lim, Elisha (2017) Contemporary Art Curating and its Long Christian Shadow. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Lombard, Glen and Voisin, Ryan (2017) The Supraoptimization of Design Thinking: An intentional shift towards complexity. [MRP]

Lu, Leon (2017) social medium. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Luba, Andrew RP (2017) The Change Game: A Critical Game For Recognizing & Generating Alternative Futures. [MRP]

Luft, Marcelo (2017) Emilia: Utilizing ambiguity to reduce loneliness and support remote intimacy and connectedness. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Lupo, Max (2017) Beep-Boopatronics. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Magsi, Mariam (2017) Purdah. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Majerus, Alexandra (2017) The View from (T)here. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Majewski, Julian M (2017) Art Happens. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Maltais-Bayda, Fabien (2017) Performance art in a precarious time: A conversation with Johanna Householder and Francisco-Fernando Granados. Momus.

Manickvasagam Arumuganainar, Nellai Alwar (2017) Role of Technologyin Reducing Social Isolation Amongst Seniors. [MRP]

Matic, Goran (2017) Collaboration for Complexity – Team Competencies for Engaging Complex Social Challenges. [MRP]

Mills, Laura (2017) Working Mothers: Navigating maternity leave and career transition. [MRP]

Morris, Elizabeth (2017) Making Live Theatre more ACCESSIBLE and INCLUSIVE with and for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; including their families and friends: Design Proposal. [MRP]

Moser, Gabrielle (2017) Photographing imperial citizenship: The Colonial Office Visual Instruction Committee’s Lanternslide Lectures, 1900–1945. Journal of Visual Culture, 16 (2). pp. 190-224. ISSN 1470-4129

Mukerjea, Raja (2017) Towards a friendly payday loan. [MRP]


Nicolussi, Roxanne (2017) BIGGER THINKING FOR SMALLER ENTERPRISES: Co-Creating a Shared Vision of the Future for Small and Medium Enterprises in Ontario. [MRP]


Onisko, Valentyna (2017) There is Bread and Salt Between Us: Negotiating Subjecthood Through Gestures of Hospitality. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Pacini, Adrienne (2017) Housing Horizons: Models for Real Estate and Community Investment. [MRP]

Page, Michael (2017) Visualization of complex medical data using next-generation holographic techniques. Working Paper. OCAD University, Toronto, Canada. (Unpublished)

Peltier, Emily (2017) This Is The Artists’ Object(ive): The Conceptual Display of The Object, The Thing, and Asserting Subjectivity Through The Arts. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Peter, Jessica and Szigeti, Steve and Jofre, Ana and Edall, Gordon and Diamond, Sara (2017) The Sophi HUD: A novel visual analytics tool for news media. In: DIS '17 Companion Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems, 10-14 Jun 2017, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Peter, Kimberley (2017) Alternative Narratives on the Future of Growth. [MRP]

Pillai, Harish (2017) The Variable Limits. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Price, Jill (2017) Land as Archive: A Collection of Seen and Unseen Shadows. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Pullin, Graham and Treviranus, Jutta and Patel, Rupal and Higginbotham, Jeff (2017) Designing interaction, voice, and inclusion in AAC research. Augmentative and Alternative Communication. pp. 1-10. ISSN 0743-4618


Randell, Lorraine (2017) RedesignEd. [MRP]

Ratcliff, Sophie (2017) Neo-Kingly Things: Contemporary Furniture in the Restricted Field. [MRP]

Rava, Nenad (2017) Platforms Everywhere: Transforming Organizations by Integrating Ecosystems in Business Design. [MRP]

Reeve, Charles (2017) Diaries by Eva Hesse (review). Biography, 40 (3). pp. 512-517. ISSN 1529-1456

Reeve, Charles (2017) Review of 'When I Was a Photographer' by Félix Nadar. RACAR: revue d'art canadienne / Canadian Art Review, 42 (1). pp. 101-103. ISSN 0315-9906


Salazar, David (2017) Performing Human through Animal. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Sami-Orungbe, Ayomide A. (2017) Future of Work in Nigeria: Finding Meaning In An Unstable World. [MRP]

Savigny, Meghan (2017) Increasing Access to Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada: The Case for a More Equitable System for Canadians Under 5. [MRP]

Schaus, Michael (2017) Narrative and Value: Authorship in the Story of Money. [MRP]

Schwanz, Eli (2017) First Position . Second Position: Accessing Conceptual Space in Animation. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Scythes, Marta (2017) A Novel Rehabilitation Therapy Design for Stroke. [MRP]

Sellen, Kate (2017) Problem based learning: Developing competency in knowledge integration in health design. In: Conference: The 19th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, 7-8 Sep 2017, Oslo, Norway. (Submitted)

Serjeantson, Kirk (2017) The Future CIO: From Computer Scientist to Visual Artist. [MRP]

Shabbar, Ather (2017) Promoting Inclusion through Organizational Culture Change. [MRP]

Sharratt, Ariel (2017) “Knitting Ourselves into a Bigger World": Local/Global Dynamics in the “New Newfoundland Aesthetic” on Fogo Island. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Shaw, Jordan (2017) Habitual Instinct. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Shelly, Leah (2017) Working Better with Indigenous Tourism Suppliers. [MRP]

Skelton, Carl and Juneja, Manpreet Kaur and Dunne, Cody and Bowes, Jeremy and Szigeti, Steve and Zheng, Minsheng and Gordon, Marcus A. and Diamond, Sara (2017) Analyzing student travel patterns with augmented data visualizations. In: Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive Systems, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 10-14 Jun 2017.

Smith, Taliesin L. and Lewis, Clayton and Moore, Emily B. (2017) Description strategies to make an interactive science simulation accessible. Journal on Technology and Persons with Disabilities. pp. 225-238. ISSN 2330-4219

Sommerfreund, Julie K (2017) FAMILY WORKS - Navigating earning and parenting using non-standard employment. [MRP]

Sonowal, Jyotish (2017) Hospital as a Business for Flourishing. [MRP]

Stranks, Anna (2017) Ambient Assistive Living (AAL) Technology for Dementia and Aging in Place: An inclusive approach to knowledge acquisition for the design community. [MRP]

Syed, Nimrah (2017) Wisewrds _ Bridge Employment & Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Tomlinson, Deidre (2017) Designing Inclusive Playscapes Across Sensorial + Socio-Spatial Boundaries. [MRP]

Treviranus, Jutta (2017) Change the world through OERs (we’re not kidding)! Inclusive design, accessibility, diversity, and how difference makes us stronger. In: Open Education Consortium.

Treviranus, Jutta (2017) Start your machine learning engines and race to the edge! Transportation Talk. pp. 14-15.


Uzun, Fusun (2017) "Very Frustrating Mexican Removal" An immersive 360° verbatim documentary. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Vala-Webb, Kyrie (2017) The Designer’s Behaviour Change Model: A Tool for Disseminating Inclusive Design. [MRP]

Van Ruymbeke, Sandra Granite (2017) The Poetics of Trash. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

Vanderheiden, Gregg and Riedel, Till and Peissner, Matthias and Clark, Colin and Peinado, Ignacio and Atkins, Tony and Tsakou, Gianna and Basman, Antranig and Bates, Simon and Gill, Avtar (2017) Open developer space: An enabling infrastructure for stakeholders to generate new access solutions. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 242. pp. 1047-1054. ISSN 0926-9630

Vazirian, Sanaz (2017) Co-Creation & Physical Space Design: How Might Designers Engage Non-Designers in the Design Process for Optimal Outcome? [MRP]

Virani, Abid (2017) An Ethnographic Exploration of Youth Unemployment in Hlotse, Lesotho. [MRP]

Viðarsson, Egill Rúnar (2017) Learning Holacracy Fundamentals Through Play. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Walsh, Desiree (2017) Designing Inclusive Social Policy: An Auto-ethnographic Analysis. [MRP]


Yerbury, Jazmine (2017) Please Touch : The Power of Interactive Art. Masters thesis, OCAD University.


Zheng, Minsheng (2017) Navigation in VR for visual analytics using the latest consumer-grade hardware. Masters thesis, OCAD University.

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